Friday 4/11-Sunday 4/13

Went to a leadership camp called RYLA through my dad’s rotary club! The weekend was filled with different team building exercises, learning who you are individually, and becoming friends with a lot of awesome people!

Thursday 4/10

Had an eye appt and then ate at five guys for lunch with my mom!

Wednesday 4/9

Went on a field trip to the library in wake Forrest! What fun.

Tuesday 4/8

ITS MY FRIENDS BIRTHDAY! Had a soccer game and a pen exploded on me saw this on twitter and laughed so hard I need to do more interesting things! My blog must be so boring!!!!

Monday 4/7

Went shopping at 5 below to get stuff for my friends birthday then helped out with tutoring some kids at a local church!

Sunday 4/6

Did nothing all day except sit on the couch and watch food network


Saturday 4/5

Drove out to Raleigh in the morning to meet and hear a local musician named Brandon Hughes who I am planning a small benefit concert with! Check him out on twitter and Facebook! after this it was opening day at the miracle league ball field!!!!! I am so blessed to be able to be a … Continue reading

Friday 4/4

Babysat after school all afternoon. Then went to dinner with my brother and mom!

Thursday 4/3

Had an easy soccer practice that consisted of beautiful weather, Popsicles and soccer tennis! I came home and made a delicious salad that I saw on the chew! I also found a birds nest on the ground with I hatched eggs and 2 that we’re not hatched so I put it back in a low … Continue reading

Wednesday 4/2

Had worship in the morning and another soccer game. my brother came home from college for the weekend! I wasn’t expecting him until Friday but he came early and surprised me!!! And brought some donuts!



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